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Photo Gallery

Conart Conart Amethyst Queen of the gems with a ring pop crown. 198917605 Aquaman Protecting goldfish crackers with his trusty spork. 198917606 Batman He's a master of fancy equipment, like duct tape and cardboard batarangs. 198917607 Bigfoot Better than blurry photographic evidence. 198917608 Captain America With his powerful mason jar lid. 198917609 Catfight Black cat versus Catwoman. Who will win the ball of yarn? 198917610 Deadpool He finds his new taco grande. 198917611 Doctor Who and Dalek Watch out, Doctor! There's exterminate cola! 198917612 Doctor Who and Tardis I hope this doctor isn't lactose intolerant. 198917613 Freddy Martini dreams are always dirty. 198917614 Groot He's sporting the fan favorite, Rocket Caterpillar. 198917615 Hannibal Paper clipped and tied to a domino. You should be safe, maybe. 198917616 Harley Mr. J would be so proud of her artistic skills. 198917617 Hulk Hulk Smash Legos! 198917618 Jason Campers should always beware the butter knife. 198917619 Loki Nice costume, but I don't have anywhere to hang my coat. 198917620 Poison Ivy She'll be itching in the morning. 198917622 Slimer Who you gonna call? 198917623 Spider Man Even super heroes can have wardrobe malfunctions. 198917624 Super Man So powerful he can handle kryptonite rock candy. 198917625 Tinkerbell Yes, she's already a fairy. This fairy took the easy route. 198917626 Casey Jones Adorned with his favorite pet turtles. 198917627 Star Trek The funny thing this tricorder only plays tetris. 198917628 Darth Vader I see your bendy straw is as big as mine. 198917629 Wolverine When he gets mad, he might fork you up. 198917630 Joker He really is a card. 198977267 Red Hood He's red, from toe to head. 199335992 Dr Strange This doctor flies Solo. 199408258 Slave Leia Leia sure gives Jabba the slug her two cents worth. 200160112 Hellboy There's no wrong way to wear a Resee's 200180315 Ash "This is my BLUE stick!" 200242891 Myers Happy Halloweenie 200272171 Michonne Filing zombies down to size. 200373784 Rick Grimes Who says zombie shows are tacky? 200381547 Psylocke She had a bright idea. 201533422 Sabertooth vs Wolverine Glad to see Sabertooth has gotten the lead out. 201533424 Rick Grimes returns Now he's using his noodle. 201533489 Dora the Explorer Dora and a sock in boot. 201592139 Yoda Dunce caps I have not. 201592140 Green Lantern He's not new to the game. 202348295 Dante Dante from Devil May Fly 202518052 Yoga Chicken A Zen moment for a fairy chicken. 202518053 Fire Tink Tinkerbell needs to cool off. She's got a hot temper. 204828384 Little Mermaid Wishes she could be part of your wall. 204828385 Walking Dead Trio Remake of the classic cover that introduced some fan favorites. 204828386 Cheshire Cat We're all mad here. 204828387 Winter Soldier Didn't think we'd see him again so spoon. 204828389 Flash Flash, ah ah.. defender of the fairy-verse! 204828390 Riddler Fairly good at games. 204828391 Ghostbusters Who you gonna call? 204828392 Green Arrow cleaning the streets and cleaning the ears. 204970463 Wonder Woman She doesn't need that invisible jet anymore. 204970464 Thanks He gathered all the gummy bears. No one is safe 205306924 Venom His sugar rush is deadly. 205306925 Bebop and Rocksteady Gonna get those turtles! 205306926 Robin He's ready to go! 205306927 Cthulhu Lord of the under-squid 205306928 Dark Shadows something to sink your teeth in. 205306929 Professor X Mind what you say. 205306930